Quaker Voice of Maryland

Passionate Friends seeking to help Quakers have a more effective voice in statewide policy decisions.

Quaker Voice of Maryland seeks to bring Maryland Friends together to advocate for state-wide policy.

We are currently seeking input from Friends across Maryland to prepare for the 2021 General Assembly.

If you would like to contribute please complete our input form by October 4th, 2020.

Our form can be completed two ways - either using the online form or printing the form and mailing it to a Working Group member.

Additional background on the group leading.

Interest form to register to receive more information.

Information about our advocacy work.

Advocacy & Action Bulletin Board

Events, actions, resources, and listening / reading for Friends shared by Friends.

To add to the bulletin board choose the appropriate category and use the '+' button; all submissions are reviewed by the bulletin board moderator before posting.

Please share a title and summary and you can attach documents or include links.

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