Legislative session

During the 2021 legislative session Quaker Voice of Maryland will be focused on the following legislative priorities:

Gun Violence Prevention & Peace Building:

Blueprint for Maryland 's Future ("Kirwan Commission" Bill)

Criminal Justice & Prison Reform:

Step-Down Program - Preparation for Release

Rewarding Educational Milestones

Maryland Correctional Ombuds Act

5 Demands for Police Accountability

Climate Justice:

Climate Solutions Now

Expanding Access to Healthcare

Maryland Health Equity Resource Communities Act

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Bill Progress Updates

Bill Hearings / Voting Sessions coming up the week of 4/5 - 4/9:

Since this is the last week of session things are moving quick; the most up-to-date information about bills, sponsors, and current status can be found below in our tracking sheet.

Quaker Voice - Bill Update - 1/24/21.xlsx

Resources for Legislation Education:

Learn key differences between House & Senate bills!

Read Maryland Alliance for Justice Reform testimony to learn about the bill!

Action Alerts

Week 11 (4/5 - 4/9)

Show support to for climate solutions NOW in Maryland! Climate Solutions Now Act was heavily amended in House, but Chesapeake Climate Action Network is continuing to support the amended version - contact representatives to say you want SB414 to pass!

Show support for a clear definition for "lethal use of force" in Police Accountability Bills! While the final bill versions are still being considered, we want to make sure that there is a strong definition for "lethal use of force"; use our action alert to say that this is an important part of any successful police accountability bill package.

Quick Link Resources for Advocacy Work:

Calendar of Events

Use our event calendar to see when our working group meetings are scheduled and any upcoming events.