Legislative session

Use this page to stay informed on the progress of our priority bills and actions we will be taking during the 2020 session.

During this legislative session Quaker Voice of Maryland will be working on the following legislative priorities:

Gun Violence Prevention & Peace Building: Blueprint for Maryland 's Future ("Kirwan Commission" Bill)

Criminal Justice & Prison Reform: Requiring Transitional Services from Solitary Confinement | Restrictive Housing Reform Act

Rewarding Educational Milestones | Changing the Felony-Murder Rule

Climate Justice: Strengthening Maryland's Greenhouse Gas Reduction Act of 2020 | Climate Crisis and Education Act

Immigration Civil Rights: Override of the Dream Act Veto

Calendar of Events

This calendar is a great way to see what action opportunities are coming up during the legislative session and important dates related to our 2020 priority bills.

Bill Progress Updates


On January 30th, 2020 the General Assembly voted to override the Governors veto of the is act that would remove requirements for immigrant students to receive in-state tuition in Maryland.

This bill was our Immigration Civil Rights priority in the 2020 legislative session. Big thanks to everyone that contacted their representatives during our Action Alert! Your effort was an important part of this successful override.

Learn more about this bill and the other bills that were overrode on January 30th in this Washington Post article.

Interested in learning about specific bills? Check out our legislative priority handout and website for more information.

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