Legislative session

During the 2020 legislative session Quaker Voice of Maryland chose to work on the following legislative priorities:

Gun Violence Prevention & Peace Building:

Blueprint for Maryland 's Future ("Kirwan Commission" Bill) - Passed, Vetoed by Governor

Criminal Justice & Prison Reform:

Requiring Transitional Services from Solitary Confinement - Not Passed

Restrictive Housing Reform Act - Not Passed

Rewarding Educational Milestones - Not Passed

Changing the Felony-Murder Rule - Not Passed

Climate Justice:

Climate Solutions Act of 2020 (Strengthening Maryland's Greenhouse Gas Reduction Act of 2020) - Not Passed

Climate Crisis and Education Act - Not Passed

Immigration Civil Rights:

Override of the Dream Act Veto - Success

Bill Progress Updates

The legislative session ended on March 18th, 2020.

We encourage you to check out our legislative summary update to learn about the final status of our priority bills.

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Calendar of Events

Due to COVID-19, Quaker Voice of Maryland events have been limited.

Use our event calendar to see when our working group meetings are scheduled and any upcoming events.