Legislative Session

Quaker Voice has identified its priorities for the 2024 legislative session.

List of all priority bills for Quaker Voice during the 2024 General Assembly; this year we are supporting bills related to Climate Justice, Criminal Justice Reform, Housing Equity, and Water Quality.

List of bills that Quaker Voice considered; bills we were not able to choose as a priority might still be of interest to other Friends.

List of House & Senate committees, including membership, that will be considering our priority bills in 2024.

Priority topics and partners:

Action Alerts

No need for action - our three remaining bills have been voted on and passed Favorable!

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Bill Progress Updates & Upcoming Events

Week 13 (4/1 - 4/7)

What happened during Week 13

Priority Bill Tracking Sheet

Quaker Voice - Bill Updates - 2024.xlsx

Quick Link Resources for Advocacy Work:

 Check out this Guidelines document created by the Maryland Association of Counties; helpful information includes when testimony is due broken down by Senate and House committees.

Maryland Alliance for Justice Reform shared this workshop presentation as part of 2023 advocacy training; provides helpful background on the General Assembly process, how to use the bill website, and how to advocate in support of a bill.