Our hope is to create an organization that can help Quakers in Maryland have an effective voice in statewide policy decisions. As a recently formed group we are developing the form and structure that will allow us to be nimble enough to react to the sway of Maryland Legislative Session while also staying attentive to Quaker process. 

Who can contribute to Quaker Voice of Maryland?

Current  group members come from four different Monthly Meetings in Maryland and we welcome new members to join us; we hope to gain members who represent Meetings from across the state. Current members represent Homewood, Stony Run, Adelphi, and Annapolis Friends Meeting. 

How often does the Quaker Voice of Maryland group meet?

The organizing group currently strives to meet monthly and is based within Baltimore City. For group members who are unable to attend in person there is the option to phone-in and "attend" remotely. Currently all group meetings are virtual due to Covid-19 limitations on gathering.

Are there other similar types groups that bring a Quaker voice to state-wide legislation in other states?

The simple answer is -- yes. Friends have found there to be active programs in North Carolina, California, and other states as well.  Our group members have been reaching out to these organizations to have conversations about the process that was undertaken to create these groups and how these groups function in relation to Monthly, Quarterly, and Yearly Meetings. By learning about other Quaker group experiences we hope to gain a better understanding of how our organization could be molded.